Winter Classes are Almost Here …


{Sweet Holiday Pillow Cover by Cassie – Age 10}


This Fall was spectacular at Oh Sew Much.  With only 1 day for classes, we made the most of our time and created so many beautiful projects.  It is always so amazing to me the ability children have to just get something done.  I learn from the Littles every minute that I get to spend with them.  I think that the theme of this set of classes was “It is only as hard as you think it is” – and let me tell you, nothing is hard for these girls.

We have even more fun planned for the Winter.  With a new beginner sewing class and 2 mixed level classes, there will be fun and creative projects GALORE!  Check out the registration page for more info.  Registration opens December 15th and space is limited to 4 or 5 to a class.

Look for a few Christmas projects over the next couple of weeks to keep everyone busy during Christmas break.

It Really Is Magic

A few weeks ago, the Littles and I had an amazing sewing class using a little magic to make pillowcases.  We mixed and matched and mixed and matched again to come up with great combinations for our cases.  One very long seam, a couple shorter ones, and a lot of wonderful concentration sewing straight seams, and, voila, pillowcases were made.  A big thanks to Kerri at Sew Deerly Loved for the great magic pillowcase tutorial.  It is a big hit around these parts.

We had so much fun making these that the Littles and I came up with our charity sewing project for this session.  Every sewing session has a charity component – this means that the Littles and I come up with a project that we can make that gives to those who may not be as fortunate as we are.  Our Tuesday and Saturday classes came up with the idea of a Magic Pillowcase Marathon (MPM) for Inn From the Cold.

Inn From the Cold is a Family Homelessness Shelter that moves locations every single day.  It is one of the only family shelters in Calgary but, because it moves from place to place, it can be difficult to create a sense of home.  The Littles and I thought that if the children had a pillowcase of their own that they could take with them as they move around, that it just might feel a little bit like home.

Recruiting the Littles, moms, friends and family, we are having our MPM on Saturday, December 8th from 10 until 2.  We’ll make sure to take lots of pictures!

L xo

Itsy Bitsy

I am off to New York next week for another sewing workshop  … I have been to 2 other Heather Ross workshops in the last year.  One last Fall in New York and one this Winter in Palm Springs.  They are absolutely amazing, you learn ridiculous amounts, and you make really good friends.

{photo courtesy of MLE Knits}

Heather Ross is the fabric designer behind a number of great fabric lines – most of which I have, and will put to good use in the classes.  Her new fabric line is called Nursery Versery and it has a very cute itsy bitsy spider print.  I came across this quilt last week and am in awe.  Pretty much the sweetest interpretation of the nursery rhyme, in my humble opinion.  I have never done a spider web block but, without a doubt, it will be added to the list of things to try in the near future.

L xo

I Think I Can

{photo courtesy of A Beautiful Mess}

I have never sewn with leather but after seeing this DIY clutch on A Beautiful Mess, I think it is a must.  And if I get the hang of it, who  knows, there may be a couple in my bag when I head to New York next month.

I think I can, I think I can.

L xo

Needle and Thread

Source: via Leanne” target=”_blank”>Pinterest

I have been a long time fan of Rebecca Ringquist. I stumbled on her work through Etsy and, even though I have yet to complete one of her samplers, I buy one every time a new one comes out. Now Rebecca has joined with Creativebug to do a series of workshops. I haven’t signed up for Creativebug yet, but I think I may have to. The line up of workshops and teachers is amazing.

I plan to use Rebecca’s work as examples for handiwork in my classes. I think her use of colour and her “sky’s the limit” creativity will really appeal to children. And Rebecca is a wonderful example of doing what you love and making it your job. Pretty inspirational.

L xo

To Read or Not to Read

I have yet to master sewing and reading at the same time but I do listen to books while at my machine.  But you can’t sew on the beach, so this is what I have planned for the summer.  Some are “must reads”.  Some are “maybe reads”.  I’d loved to say that I got through them all by the end of summer.  We shall see …

L xo

PS – Any more I should add to the list.  Recommendations welcome. (Laura – can you see I have some of your recommendations in there?)


There has been a lot of counting around here lately.  Too much counting and not enough blogging.  We were first counting down the days until I left for Paris for a week long vacation with my mum.  Then we counted the days until I got back (well, “we” didn’t … Darrell and the boys, maybe).  Then we counted candles on a birthday cake and colours in rainbow cakes.  Then we counted down until the end of Grade 3. And now we are counting down until the end of Grade 4.

What we have also been doing is counting our blessings.  And the cactus pincushion a handmade gift from E’s amazing Grade 4 teacher, Ms. Forbes is top of the list.  Not only has E had the fortune to be in Ms. Forbes class this year, but just take a look at what she made for the sewing studio.  Lovely.  Simply lovely.

Easy to add Ms. Forbes to the list of people we are grateful for.

L xo

PS – I am also super grateful for all the hard work D is putting into the studio.  I mean building, building, building … I think we are pretty close to the big reveal.  Pretty close …

A Little Whimsey …

Whimseybox is the bees knees.  For anyone who loves a little crafting, this sweet little company will send you sample craft projects (like 4 or 5) a month for around $15.  Yep, just $15 clams (it may be a little higher for us Canadian but still …).  My friend Laura, who is also the bees knees, and owns the sweetest little fabric store on Etsy and who has a lovely blog that is full of tutorials, is part of Whimseybox and may or may not being pulling strings to get me on the Whimseybox bandwagon.  Because it is so awesome there is  a waiting list … and I am not sure if they are sending to Canada yet.  You should get on the bandwagon too.  It’s a good idea.

And really, who doesn’t like tinsel yarn (in small amounts).  If you say you don’t, you are probably lying. My friend Rachel made this awesome collar type thingy at the Heather Ross Sewing Retreat in Palm Springs and it had tinsel yarn.  She didn’t make it for me though.  I think she should get on it for September when we meet up in New York.  Just sayin.

Of course, without a doubt, there will be a little tinsel yarn in some of the projects this Fall.  Oh yes there will.

L xo

PS – “We” are working on a newsletter link that will let everyone stay informed as to classes and registration dates.  Fingers crossed that we will get it up and running shortly.