A Picture is Worth …

Once upon a time, I got a very swanky camera for my birthday.  It is the bees knees.  I took it all the way to Paris.  And then realized that the boys had removed the SD card.  It probably wouldn’t have been the hardest thing to find in Paris (internet service was the hardest thing to find in Paris), but I didn’t search very long or hard for an SD card.  Instead, I used my iPhone.  Is that awful?  Maybe. But I did get quite a few good pictures.  And am putting together an Instagram book of some of them as a thank you to my sweet mother for taking me.

So, if you are like me and are starting to use your phone more and more for photo taking, you need to read Elizabeth’s post about her favourite photo apps.  You really don’t need to read that far into her blog to see that Elizabeth to see that she knows what she is talking about because her photos are just lovely.  I know that some photos on her blog are Photoshopped (Photoshop scares me, I confess) but lots are from her phone.

So, before you head out on summer vacation, you may want to take a quick read and download a few.  (I actually downloaded them all …)

L xo

PS – I also downloaded the 8mm app.  You would not believe the number of “S doing flips on the trampoline” videos I have.  This might make them awesome.  Check back and I’ll see if I can post one.

PPS – Elizabeth has about a gazillion amazing tutorials on a ton of crafty things.  It’s a big source of inspiration for me.


  1. I love going to Paris with NO camera! Yikes! That was an awesome post. I’m going to Elizabeth’s site in just a second.

    Great Site!

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