A Little Whimsey …

Whimseybox is the bees knees.  For anyone who loves a little crafting, this sweet little company will send you sample craft projects (like 4 or 5) a month for around $15.  Yep, just $15 clams (it may be a little higher for us Canadian but still …).  My friend Laura, who is also the bees knees, and owns the sweetest little fabric store on Etsy and who has a lovely blog that is full of tutorials, is part of Whimseybox and may or may not being pulling strings to get me on the Whimseybox bandwagon.  Because it is so awesome there is  a waiting list … and I am not sure if they are sending to Canada yet.  You should get on the bandwagon too.  It’s a good idea.


And really, who doesn’t like tinsel yarn (in small amounts).  If you say you don’t, you are probably lying. My friend Rachel made this awesome collar type thingy at the Heather Ross Sewing Retreat in Palm Springs and it had tinsel yarn.  She didn’t make it for me though.  I think she should get on it for September when we meet up in New York.  Just sayin.

Of course, without a doubt, there will be a little tinsel yarn in some of the projects this Fall.  Oh yes there will.

L xo

PS – “We” are working on a newsletter link that will let everyone stay informed as to classes and registration dates.  Fingers crossed that we will get it up and running shortly.