Here We Go

I am all about learning new things.  I didn’t even know how to sew 4 years ago.  Steep learning curve but it is amazing what you can do when you really love to do something.  One thing (among many) that I have yet to conquer is actually quilting my own quilts.  I always send them out.  Which can be pricey.  So, at some point, I need to learn how to quilt quilts.

Until then, I have been learning to “quilt as you go”.  I know that you can do an entire quilt like this but I thought I would try it out on a pillow.  Because a whole quilt seems a bit much right now.  And I have a sewing studio to get in order …

The short version of how you quilt as you go is like this … you just take your batting (the middle part of your quilt), put whatever size square of fabric right side up in the middle and sew it down by sewing lines across it.  You then just sew on strips to the centre square and sew lines across the strips.  Around and around.  And just like that the front of your pillow is done.  Penny from sewtakeahike has an awesome tutorial.  Go check it out.

I really think this is a doable project for the studio.  Maybe not on the first day or anything.  But wouldn’t it be great if the students could work on something like this?  I love the idea of strips just picked all random like – whatever appeals to the children on that particular day.

I am certain that the studio will be filled with brightly coloured projects, no matter what the project is for that day.  I really can’t wait.

L xo



Ten years ago today I became a mom for the first time.  It was a life changing first.  It seems fitting then, that this day mark another first … the first time I start my own little business.

Inspired by Annabel and Little Pincushion Studio , a couple of Heather Ross sewing workshops, a conversation with my friend Elmira, owner of the Hot Yoga Studio on 17th, support from my amazing husband and sweet boys, and encouragement from dear friends, I am opening a sewing studio for children … Oh Sew Much.

The studio is located in our bright and beautiful home (I’ll post pictures as we finalize the space) and will be a place for children to create, with fabric and their imagination, everything and anything their hearts desire.

This blog will be a showcase for all the projects we are planning to do in the studio, along with inspiration from around the web and, shortly, a place to sign up for classes.

Classes won’t be starting until the Fall but, as the studio gets finished, we’ll be having a few open houses to let everyone have a look around and try out a few projects.

Updates on open house dates and all other info will be posted here.

Here’s to firsts …

L xoxo